Artificial Grass Farnham

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Stop Mowing Your Grass!

It’s another sunny summer day in Farnham. The sky is blue, birds are chirping, your family is ready to spend time outside, and your grass is overgrown, again. The last way you want to spend the day is hunched over a lawn mower, fighting back a weed-filled front yard.

Yard maintenance is a job that never ends, and hiring gardeners is expensive. Why not replace your time and money consuming lawn with natural looking artificial grass from the Artificial Grass Experts? A lawn guaranteed to look great 365 days a year would give you the freedom to enjoy the sunshine without worrying about the lawn.

Why Artificial Grass?

Tired of children and dogs tracking muddy footprints into the house after a long day playing outside? An artificial lawn won’t become worn and muddy like natural grass, keeping the kids’ feet and dogs’ paws clean after playing outside. And you’ll never have to reseed bare patches! Our artificial grass has a soft and springy texture that makes a safe play surface for swing sets, goal posts and other outdoor fun.

Lawn maintenance is time consuming and expensive. Replacing your lawn with artificial grass saves the time and money you spend keeping grass looking neat. A lawn from the Artificial Grass Experts is guaranteed to look great for three to ten years, without any work on your behalf! All our products are UV stabilized, so you don’t have to worry about your lawn fading in the sun over time.

Our Artificial Grass Range

Easy Installation

Potential customers may be apprehensive about installing artificial grass because they worry that installation will be difficult. The Artificial Grass Experts offers installation services to Farnham and other United Kingdom cities. Once you choose to replace your lawn with artificial grass, you’re finished with lawn maintenance! No installation, and no more yard upkeep. Just sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful lawn, installed by our team.

If you choose to install your lawn yourself, each order comes with a detailed installation guide to help you lay your artificial grass. Our team of experts is on hand and reachable by phone to answer any questions that may arise as you install your new lawn.

An Option for All Budgets

We offer a range of artificial grass products with options to fit into your budget. Our products start at just £11 per square meter for basic artificial grass. Our high end artificial grasses feature multiple tones of green and varying lengths of grass to give your lawn a natural look and feel everyday of the year. Our team can help you choose the perfect artificial grass option for your home or business.

Stop throwing away your time and money keeping your yard looking neat. You could be done with lawn maintenance forever once you make the decision to trade in your messy natural grass for an artificial lawn. Call the Artificial Grass Experts, and start planning your year round, worry free lawn.

Artificial Grass Camberley

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Artificial Grass Camberley

Dreaming About Perfect, Green Lawn in Your Yard?

If you live in Camberley, you probably already admire the beautiful landscaping that adorns the town. Unfortunately, if you are one of the many citizens or business owners who experiences slow-growing grass in their yard, including brown spots where the grass has been worn down or grass that simply will not sprout, we can help you achieve your dream of the perfect lawn! Regardless of your budget, we offer artificial grass that will improve the way that your lawn looks, from season to season and all year round.

Working Within Your Budget  

Everyone lives on a budget, and while some people can afford to spend as much as their hearts desire on landscaping around their home and their businesses, most people have to seriously consider how much money they can afford to spend to get their lawn looking spectacular. We specialize in installing grass for people with low budgets, and all the way up to high-end lawns, so feel free to tell us how much your budget can afford for the lawn of your dreams, and we will find the right product for your lawn, according to your financial budget. Put your dream of a perfect, green, plush lawn in our hands and you will love what we can do for you.

Take A Look At Our Grass Products Below

Artificial Grass Service

Even if your budget is low, we can provide you with artificial grass that shows off a stunning appearance. Beyond the quality artificial grass products that we offer, we also stand behind our professional and courteous customer service. If you have any questions or concerns about the artificial grass that we lay down for you, we are here to answer all of your inquiries and handle your concerns in a gracious manner as you learn how to care for your new lawn. We want you to be just as happy years after we install the artificial grass as you are on the first day.

Artificial Grass Installation 

As we mentioned, we offer a full range of artificial grass to fit within your budget, but our specialty is the installation of the artificial grass. Our specialists understand the intricacies of artificial grass installation and growth, from laying it correctly and ensuring that the placement is perfect so that it will grow, to explaining to you how to take care of it appropriately so that the artificial grass will thrive in the environment that it is placed. Ultimately, we want your experience with us to make you feel like you have achieved your dream of the perfect, green, plush lawn.

Help make Camberley even more beautiful with artificial grass in your yard. Not only will you be in love with your new lawn, but you can certainly expect compliments from people who pass by or come to visit you. Your dream of a stunning, perfectly grown yard is only a phone call away. Call us today to discuss your artificial grass needs and wants so that we can figure out what we can do to make your dreams come true.

Artificial Grass Farnborough

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The Artificial Grass Experts Come To Farnborough!

Farnborough is a town best known for its links to aviation, but with spring time approaching homeowners attention will be fixed on ground level, and the condition of their lawns.

A well maintained, attractive lawn is one of those things that everyone wants and why not, after all it is one of the perks of owning a home. Of course, a perfect lawn requires care, attention and hard work – that mowing, weeding and watering isn’t going to do itself. With so much of our time taken up with work and other commitments, finding the time to craft the perfect lawn can be nigh on impossible, and that’s where the Artificial Grass Experts come in.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

The biggest advantage to artificial grass is the time you will save. Mowing your lawn can take anything up to three hours a week but with artificial grass, very little maintenance is needed. This is a bonus not only for people who have busy work lives, but also older people and those who own holiday homes and are not around to tend the lawn as often as they would like.

There are other practical benefits as well. Maybe you have children or pets. High usage on the same areas of grass can lead to grass not growing properly in the affected area. Eventually this will turn to mud and lead to messy floors as people go in and out of the garden. With artificial grass, this isn’t a problem.

Artificial grass is also an environmentally friendly way to get that perfect lawn that all the neighbours will be envious of. There’s no need to water the lawn or use fertiliser and there’s no carbon emissions from petrol lawn mowers.

Why Choose The Artificial Grass Experts?

We have provided Fleet with artificial grass for many years now and are delighted to now bring our expertise to Farnborough.

We have a proven track record of great service and have a variety of top quality alternatives to real grass at prices to fit any budget, all of which can be viewed on our website.

Be Creative

You know, artificial grass is fit for usage in places that you may have not have even considered. How about sprucing up the conservatory, getting some for the patio or maybe even your roof terrace. Whatever the requirements, we are here and always on hand to answer any questions and queries you may have.

Let Us Do The Hard Work

Whilst you could buy the artificial grass from us and lay it yourself, why would you want to do that when you can let the experts do it for you. After all, the whole point is to save you time and effort – so let us do the hard work.

If you live in Farnborough, we can deliver and lay your artificial grass in no time at all and have you relaxing in the garden on your beautiful lawn within hours.